Who Would Need a CT Scan

medical imaging in NJIf your doctor has ordered a CT scan, or a computed tomography scan, for you, what does that mean? There are a variety of patients with many different types of conditions, injuries, or illnesses that could benefit from having this type of digital imaging done. Here are few different scenarios in which a patient could need a CT scan.

Someone who suffers from heart problems – Whether it’s a murmur or someone has had a triple-bypass done; a CT scan is a way for doctors to see what is going on inside a patient’s heart valves. This is very beneficial for those who have had issues with their heart in the past, as a CT scan can give the doctors a better look at any previous damage or remaining issues from previous heart problems, too.

Someone who has been injured recently – A CT scan is extremely helpful to doctors whose patients have suffered a recent critical injury, such as head trauma, a car accident, or a broken bone. Not only does it give the physician a look at what damage has been done and the healing process of the injury, but it also provides a detailed look at if any existing damage remains that should be addressed.

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The Difference Between Open and Closed MRIs

the difference between open and closed MRIMagnetic resonance imaging, more commonly referred to as an MRI, is a type of medical imaging that relies on a magnetic field and radio waves to capture detailed images of the structures inside the body, unlike many other types of medical imaging, which relies on radiation to capture images.

There are two different styles of MRI, and each one offers certain advantages to patients. Here’s a look at the main differences between the two:

Open MRI Machines

If you will have an open MRI in New Jersey, an open machine will be used to perform the exam, as opposed to the closed machine, which used to be the only option for this exam.

An open MRI machine has a top and bottom magnetic area and it does not enclose the patient. The major benefit of the open MRI machine is that the open sides can help to alleviate any feelings of claustrophobia, which is a common concern for many patients.

Closed MRI Machines

If you are going to be having a closed MRI, the exam will be conducted in a closed unit. In other words, the part of your body that is being examined will be completely encapsulated within the machine. The main benefit of a closed MRI machine is that it may help to stabilize patients who have difficulty holding still during the test. It is of utmost importance to remain absolutely still during an MRI exam, otherwise the image will not come out clear.

If your doctor has scheduled either and open or a closed MRI and you are nervous about the procedure, make sure that you voice your concerns. Your doctor will be able to address these concerns and make sure that you are completely comfortable during the exam.

What is It Like to Have a CT Scan?

16 Slice CT ScannerIt may sound intimidating, but a 16 slice scanner is really just a simple imaging technique that allows your doctors to make informed decisions about any condition you may have and plan accordingly. That said, you may be asking yourself, “What is it like getting a CT scan?” The team at Middletown Medical Imaging is here to calm your nerves and let you know exactly what happens!

Basically, when you are scanned, all you have to do is lie down on a scanning bed and let the machinery do the work. The scanner, in our case a Hitachi 16-slice tomography scanner, will pull you through a giant hole in the center, slowly taking images of your chest, abdomen, urinary tract, and other parts of your body. That’s it! There is no stress and nothing to worry about!

Our 16 slice CT scanner is very efficient, which means we’ll be able to get the information to your doctor quickly. When you need to know as soon as possible, then Middletown Medical Imaging is here to help you. All you have to do is contact us at (732) 737-8453 or visit our appointment scheduling page and we will get you in for a scan in no time!